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Why WordPress?

WordPress is an extremely popular Content Management System (CMS). Even if you have no intention of “blogging”, WordPress is a modern yet powerful database-driven web application platform that can be used to manage a wide variety of websites. What this means is that you will be able to maintain the website content by yourself with proper training.

Here is why we recommend a WordPress website.

  • A WordPress website is reliable. It is used on thousands of high-traffic websites and is not just a blogging tool but a true content management system. It’s been tested and improved for several years.
  • A WordPress website is simple. Nobody likes using FTP or waiting for a programmer to update files on their website. WordPress makes it easy for non-technical people to contribute and update website content. There are a huge and growing number of themes and plugins.
  • A WordPress website has a strong set of features. Such as the rich text editor, media upload tools, dynamic RSS feeds, category management, and tagging and comment management, all of which make editing your site simpler.
  • A WordPress website is easy to maintain. What if you have a custom website built by a programmer … who then decides not to work for you anymore? Very costly and inconvenient — the ramp up time for another developer to come in and reverse engineer the code could be enough to send you reeling. But if you base your site on WordPress, you can easily find another developer to work on it … most freelance developers and graphic designers out there simply can’t afford not to know their way around WordPress anymore.
  • A WordPress website is open source software. There are thousands of themes and plugins to choose from. More than that, a community full of talented contributors works non-stop to make the most popular CMS software even better. WordPress has a built-in updating tool for WordPress itself, WordPress themes and plugins.

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What do you need to install WordPress?

We’ll need your FTP information and access to your hosting provider admin interface such as a cPanel.

Do I Need Security Enhancements on My WordPress Website?

Yes! And this is not an option.

Making the website go live is only the end of the design and development stage. Like a new born baby, the life of  your website is just beginning. It needs fresh content to stay active, and from head to toe security protection to survive in the World Wide Web.

Even more vulnerable than traditional static HTML website, WordPress is open source database driven CMS. Being open source makes it vulnerable to hackers, and database adds an extra request on website security. Most WP websites are running with multiple 3rd party plugins, which developed by different developers with good quality codes mixing with bad ones. It is extremely important for a WordPress website owner to consider holistic security measures to strengthen the website.

Hacking a website is not only for valuable information. From embedding links back to their website (or to other websites), to hijacking your website traffic, to gain access to paid content, or to obtain your user’s email address. Any website could be a victim as long as it can be cracked.

If you like to know, out of the box, WordPress is not tuned up for the best security practice for many reasons. This is also true to the default settings for many hostings. Improper setup and configuration may leave your website vulnerable to malicious attack.

Unfortunately, we have seen so many WordPress websites running almost naked without even basic protection. It is just matter of time the unexpected will happen. To protect your investment, act today.

Should I backup my WordPress website?


WordPress website is a database-driven CMS (Content Management System). There are WordPress core itself, additional themes, plugins, and other user uploaded files co-exisit in one place, don’t mention the more important part, settings, configurations & your content stored in the database. Anything happen to any one of these components spells trouble or even disaster.

Unless it is clearly stated in the hosting package, otherwise, it is site owner’s responsibility to backup the website, not the hosting company. The hosting company’s backup is generally to protect themselves form trouble in case of server crashes. Even they have backups, it may not up-to-date as you wish.

Same as any other computer on the Internet. Your website is vulnerable to hackers and virus. Without proper protection, you can lose years of hard work in the blink of an eye. Among all kinds of protection measures, backup is the most reliable and easiest solution.

Like any other software, WordPress itself, including theme and plugins, need to be updated from time to time. Sometime, one line of buggy code can cause unexpected crash.

All these troubles can simply be resolved by having a recent backup available to restore from.